The world’s largest national heirloom seed exposition was at Santa Rosa, California on September 13, 14, and 15 . For three days the largest arrays ever seen of heirloom produce were displayed– from across the United States. There were more than 70 speakers, talking about everything from seed saving, GMO products, home gardening, politics and farming, and more. Keynote speakers included the world-renowned philosopher and activist Dr. Vandana Shiva. Dr. Jeffrey Smith, a famous critic of GMO foods. Chef Alice Waters, owner of Chez Panisse also spoke on her passion for healthy, locally grown food.  There were talks on everything from medicinal herbs for your garden, to the joys of planting and growing unique varieties of heirloom vegetables.  Never before have this many individual seed companies, seed banks, and seed libraries joined together to share information, and attempt to combine resources to save our dwindling crop diversity due to single crop/hybrid farming, and the development of GMO hybrids by such companies as Monsanto. I’ll be writing more about information from the expo, for for now, a few photos.

Johanna Silver of Sunset Magazine

Seed Saver Companies from across the U.S. get together

Vandana Shiva, keynote speaker





Chef Ray L. Duey, CEC -