Illinois Rt 67

It happens all over, on highways and country roads. Some animal decides to go to the land of opportunity— on the other side of the road — and doesn’t make it. It’s life is suddenly and unexpectedly ended. Possum, raccoon, deer, mouse, lizard, snake, turtle, armadillo, coyote. Cat, dog.

People drive by roadkills everyday, some weave to avoid them. Who wants blood and guts on their tires? If it is a dog or cat, some people will stop, and pull the body off to the side of the road, at least giving it a little respect and to avoid more pummeling. We feel more attached, closer to them, especially if we have a dog or cat ourselves. The “lower” the animal, the less we seem to care. Why is that? Why do we maybe feel more for the “poor deer” or “poor dog” than for the poor snake, or poor bird whose carcass is almost becoming a part of the road now, smashed as flat as a cartoon character.

I drove by this roadkill. But, a mile later I decided to turn around. I was still feeling bad for this animal, caught smack in the middle of its crossing. It was such a beautiful setting: farm fields, sun going down, and here was the opposite. Something not so pretty. There was a picture here.

It is a picture of beauty, and at the same time a picture of sad, or ugly, or disgusting. My mind is pulled in opposite directions.

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