Homeopathic Organizations:

National Center for Homeopathy(NCH)
The leading open-membership organization promoting and protecting homeopathy in the United States. Annual membership buys a subscription to the excellent homeopathy magazine geared to the general public — Homeopathy Today — as well as a many other member benefits.

North American Society of Homeopaths
Homeopaths Without Borders
Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) Certifying organization for classical homeopathy in the USA and Canada.

Short Video Explanations of Homeopathy:

A quick 5 minute explanation.

The following 4 links are brief videos by Rajan Sankaran MD are wonderful:

An Explanation for Critics
Why Modern Medicine is so popular, and Homeopathy isn’t
What is Homeopathy all about? Enlightening thoughts
TED MED talk by Sankaran on stress and disease, and treating with homeopathy

Amy Lansky, author of the Homeopathy book: “Impossible Cure”:

Synchronicity and Homeopathy 

Author Dana Ullman gives an in-depth talk on homeopathy:

Dana Ullman explains homeopathy– (skip to 3:45 for start).  (this is the first of 5 in a sequence on youtube.)
Dr. Meyer presentation in Beardstown, IL ( 2013)

Diet & Other Links:

The Best Diet to AVOID many chronic diseases.
THE Diet SECRET to cure Heart Disease, Diabetic Neuropathy, Low Back Pain, PREVENT Alzheimer’s Disease and more.
The Best Diet to AVOID  the most Dreaded Diseases.
4 Leaf Guide – an easy to read, very, very informative and practical book on diet. 
Plantrician Project – starting point for many nutrition resources for plant-based diet.
Recipes from Dean Ornish, MD 
Nature Reveals for books and supplies
Inexpensive basic homeopathy kit off
ABC Homeopathy
American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine
American Medical College of Homeopathy Phoenix, AZ Study it in depth, or take a mini-course
Arizona Board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners


Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy, by Amy Lansky. Excellent Book! A great introduction to the science, history, philosophy and experience of homeopathy.
Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines, by Stephen Cummings and Dana Ullman. A very good introduction to theory and practice of homeopathy with details on options for self-treatment for common ailments.


Vaccines, pros and cons
Vaccine free – vaccine alternatives, and how to detox after a vaccine.
National Vaccine Information Center
Remedies for treating influenza – top remedies and their indications for curing the flu.
Homeopathic Information Services – some free articles on homeopathy, and catalog for website, books, tapes, etc. – leading website portal for information concerning homeopathy. – research on homeopathy. – article on Dr. Oz website.
Homeopathy treatment of epidemics – slide presentation of success of homeopathy in epidemics.

Articles by Dr. Meyer:

Thoughts about Homeopathy and Life: Is your dog like you?
Thoughts about Homeopathy and Life: The bond between humans and animals
Silica 10M in the water – Energize Your Plants.
Sports or Workout Pains Treatment – Have you tried Arnica, a Homeopathic Remedy? – short trailer produced by Dr. Meyer.

Quotes for this website are from “The Tao of Homeopathy” by Ian Watson

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