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I clean my own toilets. I used to have a cleaning person come every couple of weeks, but with the current economy, that stopped a few years ago. So, I have to clean them, or they won’t get cleaned. Have you ever been to someone’s house and had to use their toilet, and were shocked.

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Instead of hurting each other off, people should stop and start pondering the source of gravity. What’s that all about? Did you ever think about how bizarre gravity is? It’s never been explained! There is no reason for it. There is a formula to explain how strong it is, but that doesn’t explain why it

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We think we plan out things, that we have control of our life. But actually we control very little. I believe that what happens to us is part of a grander plan. There is no coincidence. We may think we have moments of synchronicity, but in fact every moment is. Every single second is happening 

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That’s what I’ve heard, and what I hope is true. So I am spending a few minutes every day thinking about an old friend that is not doing so well. They have cancer and are gearing up for battle. I’m thousands of miles away, but I am powerful. My thoughts are things, they are real.

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I graduated from the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine, and completed a residency in Internal Medicine at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. My classical Homeopathy training was completed in 2008 at the American Medical College of Homeopathy. When not working, I enjoy travelling the world, visiting other countries and cultures. Photography, gardening and hiking are my hobbies.

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