I started seeing Greg Meyer for homeopathy due to facial acne that would just not go away. I was trying homeopathy as a last resort. I really appreciated how comfortable I felt working with Greg. He was very patient and knowledgeable and I felt that I could trust him. It took trying a few different remedies but in the end what happened was my acne cleared up and, to my surprise, I completely balanced out emotionally. It was so amazing how I realized that my acne was a symptom of deeper emotional issues and the remedy healed me .. from the inside out. If anyone is on the fence about making an appointment I encourage you to jump in. This is the real deal. I will forever be grateful for my experiences with homeopathy and of course the wonderful Greg Meyer!


Anxiety and Lack of Confidence:

Dr. Greg had incredible patience and perseverance with me in finding a homeopathic solution that was specific to my needs. Ever since we found a remedy that fit, I have experienced dramatic improvements in my self-confidence, as well as my ability to manage anxiety. A handful of chronic physical symptoms I used to experience have completely disappeared since beginning treatment. Dr. Meyer is expert at developing rapport with his clients, and will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the diagnostic process. Once the appropriate remedy is found he carries out comprehensive follow-ups to ensure that positive progress is maintained.


Anxiety and Agitation:

I have been seeing Dr. Meyer off and on for the last 7 years. I struggled most of my life with a tremendous burden to succeed and to avoid failure at all cost. The pressure was too much and I often got lost in my mind with anxiety and stress. Because of this, I was burdened with agitation and often became defensive with the people I loved the most. This effected my work, friends and my family life.

In 2010 I had a financial crisis and failure couldn’t be avoided. Working with Dr. Meyer, I have learned how to listen to my body and watch the signs to help me overcome and combat the trials using homeopathy. Dr.Meyer has successfully dosed me over the years with remedies that have allowed me to refocus my life. The joy that was lost has been found and the balance I needed to be a better employer, father, and husband has been life changing.



Dr Greg Meyer is amazing. I consulted Dr Greg Meyer three months ago regarding my general anxiety and sleep disorder issues bothering me for many years. The classical Homeopathy remedy given by the doctor , worked wonderful for me. After many years I am able to sleep naturally very well. I appreciate the doctor’s knowledge and expertise in treating his patients. Thanks a lot to Dr Greg.


Cough and Food Sensitivity:

My 8 year old son had a chronic dry cough. The cough aggravated by consuming certain foods like dairy and wheat products. I took him to pediatricians and a naturopathic physician that only ended up in no cure. Dr. Meyer is our biggest blessing in our lives. Just after 2 doses of the remedy prescribed by him, my son stopped coughing and is now able to tolerate pretty much any food. Dr. Meyer is a great homeopathic physician and a great person as well. I highly recommend him to anyone with chronic issues and issue that require permanent cure. I strongly believe that homeopathy is an awesome holistic approach for health issues of any kind and Dr. Meyer justifies it immensely with his great judgment and approach.



I have been suffereing with psoriasis since 2007. I have tried conventional medicines along with over-the-counter medications and nothing worked, nothing made me feel better. I tried acupuncture, diets, pills I found on the internet… you name it, I tried it.

My psoriasis wasn’t “that bad” but I’ve always had a few patches on my legs and they were disturbing me. In December 2013 I had the worse psoriasis episode of all. I was practically covered from head to toe. It was very painful and the itch uncontrollable.  Along with the disturbing patches and the itching, I was suffereing from a lot of other ailments: constipation, extreme tiredness, joint and muscle pain, lack of sleep, hoarse voice, depression, menstrual problems, bloating, and inflammantion of my hands and feet.

In January 2014 I visited Dr. Meyer for the first time. Dr. Meyer was determined to not only treat the psoriasis but all the other ailments as well. I have to say I started feeling better since I took the first remedy he prescribed. After 7 months of treatment my psoriasis is almost completely gone. My menstrual cycle is back to normal, no more constipation or
bloated stomach. The inflammation on my hands and legs is gone. But most importantly, the disturbing itch on my skin is gone!

I am very pleased with the results I have experienced following this homeopathic treatment! Dr. Meyer is a kind human being, a gentleman and I really enjoyed the sessions. I recommend Dr. Meyer to anyone who wants to try homeopathic medicine.

D. C.

Anxiety, Irritablity, Menopause, and Cravings

I am a 57-year-old woman and I have tried to avoid prescriptions when I could, and I looked for ‘alternative’ methods of healing whenever there was an opportunity. I really have been in great health for my entire life. Then, for me, I met my match with menopause. After being on bio-identical hormone replacements for over six years, I decided that it was time to
stop taking them. It was very difficult as symptoms were global and affected every part of my life – from not sleeping to hot flashes to irritability. I came to Dr Meyer hoping to quell some of these symptoms as nothing I was doing was effective. Ironically, there were other things that profoundly affected my “wholeness” that I did not even think of when I came to
him. Due to my twin brother’s death ten years before, I suffered from a general anxiety of losing people I loved, an inability to trust people and a general lack of self- esteem. Within four months of receiving my remedy I have experienced many profound changes in my physical and emotional bodies: I sleep through the night, my hot flashes are gone, and thank heaven, my irritability is something I don’t have to deal with. I have experienced several epiphanies regarding my lack of trust; I can experience deep and loving relationships. I don’t need to worry about their passing on, but rather, the best thing I can do is to live in the moment and be grateful for what I can experience now. I have discovered to my delight, that my cravings were not anything my body needed and when ignored, they have, thankfully, for the most part, disappeared. I truly feel in the deepest part of me that the only limit of what I can accomplish is what I accept as a limitation. I can see in the mirror that my overall level of health has improved, and it also shows in a smaller me (I lost nine pounds). I feel like I have an “inside track” now to health with homeopathy and I truly want to share this with others when I hear of their physical and emotional challenges. My respect for the wisdom of the body, when we give it the resources it needs, has grown tremendously. I can’t say enough about homeopathy and specifically, Dr. Meyer. I feel like I have been given a new lease on the life I am supposed to live.

ADD & Fatigue, & Mange:

For years, I have suffered from an assortment of symptoms – fatigue, mood swings, ADD. But more than that, I felt shy, and had some personality traits that I wanted to change. It’s amazing to me that all this was connected – both physical symptoms as well as personality traits – and with Greg Meyer’s help, I was able to explore this and make changes. Clearly,
homeopathy won’t change who you are, but he helped me remove the barriers that prevented me from being myself. For example, I was able to eliminate the anxiety around social situations. Dr. Meyer is extraordinarily knowledgeable in both homeopathic field, and knows what questions to ask of a client to help both parties discover how to improve. He is an amazing doctor, and I would recommend him to anyone looking to make changes in either physiology or personality.


I recently adopted a young puppy from the Humane Society, who unfortunately was suffering from an acute case of Demodectic
Mange. I went to two vets, who recommended a very costly and dangerous procedure – essentially a series of dips in toxic
petrochemicals. Essentially, they “cure” the disease by poisoning the patient. Instead, Dr. Meyer recommended two homeopathic
cures – both perfectly natural. Of the two cures, one worked so quickly, that other dog owners in the dog park who knew
“Ceelo” asked, “What in the world did you give him to cure him so quickly?”. I proudly told them it was homeopathy.

Fibromyalgia, Depression, Back Pain:

“Classical homeopathy has been a miraculous form of medical treatment for me over the last fifteen years. The gentle treatment by my kind and effective doctors Todd Rowe and, now, Greg Meyer has cured me of fibromyalgia, clinical depression and anxiety, severe back pain, a frozen shoulder (in twenty minutes!), and a bout of pneumonia. In general, homeopathy keeps me mentally and physically healthy: the year before I started treatment, I had five bouts of upper respiratory infection or flu, and, during my first year of homeopathic treatment, I had none. I just don’t understand why homeopathic medicine isn’t our PRIMARY medical system in this country, as it is in other parts of the world.”


I have been seeing Dr. Meyer off and on for the last couple of years. I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life. I have learned to manage it fairly well, but recently I had a crisis in my life that produced, probably the worst anxiety experience, which became extremely disruptive and painful.

I have had a remedy from Dr. Meyer for financial anxiety in the past, which I found gradually helpful. During my most recent crisis, he re-dosed me with double the original remedy. It was almost miraculous within 24 hours. My perspective changed, my mind stop racing, general fear levels were 85% reduced and the best part, my meditation practice and journaling practice have greatly improved. I began to understand the deeper spiritual aspects of this crisis.

If you are struggling with anxiety, please give Dr. Meyer a try. Those of you with anxiety problems know how debilitating it can be.

Feeling at peace.


“I had no idea what Homeopathy was or how it worked when a co-worker and I were discussing our various ailments and she suggested I speak with Dr. Meyer. To say that I was skeptical at first is an understatement, but Dr. Meyer blends his Western medicine expertise with his passion for Homeopathy and explains how Homeopathy works in a very understandable and logical way. I soon went from skeptic to student and wanted to learn more. Dr. Meyer gently guided me to thinking about my symptoms in a whole new way. It was fascinating to think of the pain in my body not simply as a physical symptom but also on a deeper emotional level. The remedies Dr. Meyer prescribed caused me to feel a well being in my mind/body that I had never experienced before…a balance in my life that was truly remarkable. I would recommend Homeopathy to anyone but more importantly, Dr. Meyer for his patience and knowledge of Homeopathy and what it can do for each individual that is open to its healing results.”

~ Cary


I would like to take this opportunity to whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Greg Meyer.

I started seeing Dr. Meyer because I was experiencing headaches almost daily. In addition, many of those headaches were migraines. I had tried traditional medicine with no luck. Both my internist and neurologist had suggested several different prescriptions. Not only were the headaches the same with the prescriptions, but I started experiencing new symptoms because of the side effects. I decided it was time to try a different approach and found Dr. Meyer.

One of the best parts of Dr. Meyer’s practice is that he treats the whole person, not just the individual symptoms. In the initial interview, Dr. Meyer took 2-3 hours talking with me to get a sense of all my medical issues (not just the headaches) and also to get a sense of my life. These days I feel lucky to have 15 minutes with a doctor. To be able to spend that amount
of time with Dr. Meyer was a luxury. He was easy to talk to and provided in-depth information.

In a few days, Dr. Meyer had selected an appropriate remedy just for me. The remedy was affordable, easy to take, and had no side effects (more benefits of going the natural route).

In subsequent follow-ups, Dr. Meyer was compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. It was because of his insights, recommendations, and demeanor that I was able to heal.

Today, I am happy to report that I only have 3-4 minor headaches a month and the migraines have almost disappeared. Dr. Meyer played a huge part in helping me get back to normal. I will always grateful for his wisdom and expertise.

~ Abby


I am a 41 year old woman with a full time career and family. For many years, probably as long as I can remember, I haven’t really felt right. I was in constant movement, talked fast and thought faster. Sometimes, my thoughts would come at me so fast it was hard to keep them in order. I worried about everything I could think of, even things I had no control over!
I sorted my M & Ms by color and counted my steps, bit my fingernails, and the list goes on. Throughout my life, I was able to manage my life so that most people just thought I had a lot of energy, but I knew it was bigger than that, I just didn’t know what to do about it. I went through all of the usual channels to fix myself including medication, but nothing really

After ADHD meds had no effect, I called Dr. Meyer. Oh, how I wish I had called him years ago! With only one consultation and remedy, I feel like a completely different person. I feel more balanced and confident in myself and my decisions. I am more at ease with who I am, can actually sit still and even my speech has slowed. It seems that every piece of me that
was at odds has been healed and I have a more calm approach to life. I still worry, but only normal worries and the obsessive worry is gone! Most importantly, I am able to think clearly and take whatever life gives me without feeling like it is going to be the last straw! Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Meyer for helping me become a better me!


Digestive Problems, Low Energy:

I am a 40 year old registered nurse who has used both traditional western medicine and chiropractic care. I wasn’t a big believer in homeopathy admittedly I didn’t know much about it and I don’t know that I would have tried it except that I new Dr. Meyer to be an excellent physician.

When I started experiencing digestive problems and low energy levels, I asked Dr. Meyer if he thought he might be able to help me. Anything had to be better than the lack of answers from my regular doctors and a growing list of prescriptions.

After taking the remedy, I am not sure that I really noticed any differences until my next appointment with him. As we discussed my old symptoms and compared them to how I currently felt, I couldn’t believe the positive changes that had occurred almost unbeknownst to me. It was so natural as to be unnoticed. After that I was sold. No more prescriptions, no more low energy levels I felt like me again.

My sincerest thanks for helping me get back to my laughing, singing, smiling and overall happy self!


Anxiety, Stress:

I am a 37 year old man, married 12 years and my biggest concerns were that my children were seeing their father handle small situations in life with an extremely intense high stress level. Throughout my childhood I always excelled but, I put high expectations on myself to be the best at most everything.

Most of this lead to my anxieties and stress which is where I let it control me. I had little appetite. I could usually go 2-3 days with snacking only. I tended to eat one good meal every few days. My level of thirst was very low. I drank little unless I was dehydrated at work. Also, my sleep was very little. I stayed up working on things to please others or to deal
with frustrations. I averaged 4-5 hours per night. After a couple weeks of this I would sleep for most of a day. The quality of nightly sleep was poor. I tossed and turned and didn’t like to be confined by clothes or sheets. Most dreams were of stressful situations and would wake me up.

I had gotten to the point where in the morning if I couldn’t find my belt or keys I became panicked and anxious. This would ruin a day for me. My hope was to improve all these issues, my diet, stress, expectations, etc.

After treatment from Dr. Meyer my diet has changed. I eat 2 meals a day and liquids are a norm now. I average 7-8 hours a night sleep and quality is much improved. I have gone months without panic in my morning routine and my stress is dramatically down. Mostly I like that I have not noticed or thought about the changes. They seem to have occurred naturally.

Thanks for the help.


Allergies, Panic Attacks:

This letter is written with the intent of disclosing my personal experience with Dr. Meyer and homeopathic treatment. Upon intake I was seeking relief from hay fever/allergies and also anxiety/panic attacks. Dr. Meyer formulated a remedy for me to which I took systematically to assist in treating these symptoms. Though subtle, results did appear several weeks later.
As requested I stopped taking nasal sprays, prescription and over the counter anti-histamines. In the weeks that followed I noticed a decrease in sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes. I was still somewhat congested but the overall symptoms were reduced and manageable without the need for prescription medicines. This had a huge impact on me as I had underwent allergy testing at the Arizona Allergy and Asthma Institute and had a specialized formula devised for bi-weekly injections in both arms. I participated in this form of treatment over several years. I was still suffering from allergies and stayed on prescription medicine for several years following the termination of treatment. I am fully convinced the homeopathic remedy Dr. Meyer formulated for me has assisted me in reducing my allergic symptoms to the point of not needing prescription pills. In comparison to the injections, I have had a greater success in symptom management from the homeopathic treatment. On occasion I will take an over the counter anti-histamine but it is rare. The other symptoms addressed were those of anxiety, specifically, panic attacks. In addition to prayer, familial support, and the homeopathic remedy I was able to reduce my feelings of anxiety and subsequent panic attacks. I have not had a full blown panic attack since seeing Dr. Meyer and firmly believe the remedy played a critical part in addressing this issue.

My experience with Dr. Meyer was one filled with genuineness, empathy, professionalism, confidentiality, and accuracy. I appreciated his efforts in educating me as to the philosophy of homeopathic medicine, expectations, and treatment regime. I would highly recommend this form of treatment to others as well as treatment specifically provided by Dr. Meyer.


Strep Throat, Asthma:

I am a 39 yr old female and have enjoyed excellent health for almost all of those years. During the past 2-3 years, I began experiencing a multitude of symptoms and more illness than I ever had. But the primary reason for seeking out a homeopathic remedy was my increasing need for antibiotics and steroids for recurring strep infections and asthma attacks, respectively.
During the last 2-3 years, I noted chronic congestion, extreme fatigue-even after 8 hours of sleep or more, frequent canker sores in my mouth and on my tongue, excessive burping and flatulence, stomach uneasiness, poor dietary cravings, interrupted night’s sleep, mostly due to nightmares and a right shoulder knot that I couldn’t get rid of. I have always led a very active life and found that I was struggling to maintain my former lifestyle. Parts of my way of life were non-existent.

Presently, I am sleeping, eating, dreaming well. My energy level is up to a normal level for me and my general outlook is again positive. I have not had a sore throat of any kind or needed to use medication for breathing since around April, 2007. I am not congested in any way.

The quality of life I had before my remedy was at 10% of what it is now. Moreover, I have experienced a 90% improvement in my overall health.


Migraines, Constipation, GERD:

I suffered with migraines for 30 years. Suffer is an understatement. My headaches escalated in the past 4 years. Fifteen to twenty days a month I woke and went to bed with a headache. My migraine medications were no longer effective. These headaches affected my ability to stay focused at work and be present and available as a wife, mother and friend. Most of my time was spent thinking about the headache I have or the one to come. In addition to migraines I also experienced constipation and reflux daily.

At my wit’s end I asked a colleague who is a medical doctor, finishing his education in homeopathy, what I can take for my headaches. He said to make an appointment for an interview. I told him I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars a month on a “remedy”. He simply said, “Make an appointment”.

Two weeks after the interview I was told to come pick up my remedy. I took it on October 17, 2006. Two days later I got a mild headache. I took my migraine medication and was headache free in thirty minutes. At this time my constipation and reflux were also gone. No more Prilosec or Metamucil. It has been 4 ½ months since taking my one time remedy. I get 2-3 headaches a month, very mild and responsive to either OTC meds or migraine medication.

I no longer obsess about when my next headache will come or if I always have my migraine medication with me. I am now 100% present as a Physician Assistant, mother, wife and friend. Dr Greg Meyer and homeopathy gave me a life back.



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