When you call for an appointment, we will speak briefly to make sure homeopathy is an appropriate treatment for you. Your initial consultation will encompass a thorough interview lasting 2-3 hours. It will include a discussion of your problem and your individual experience in great detail, and also a review of other general problems. You can assist in this information gathering by filling out the forms sent to you in advance of your appointment.

When all of the information about your physical, mental and emotional symptoms has been gathered, then an appropriate remedy is determined, within 2 days. Unlike a medical physician, the homeopath’s goal is not to remove the symptoms, but to act as a detective and find the root cause of the problem. Your remedy will be stimulating the body’s own curative powers, shifting your core healing potential.

Your first follow up appointment to evaluate your progress is in 4-6 weeks and lasts about 45 minutes. Gradual healing usually occurs over months, but people often feel better very quickly. I usually see patients every 6-8 weeks until we are sure healing is occurring, and then space out appointments as needed. My plan is to assist you so that you no longer require my services in the long-term.




Homeopathic Consult age 12 & over:
2-3 hrs $400
Homeopathic Consult age 11 & younger:
2-3 hrs $250
Follow up Visit: 45 min $100

Contact for Appointments

Phone:(602) 320-5181
Location: Near 15th Ave & Thomas,
Central Phoenix.

Downloadable Forms:

Adult Registration Form
Agreement Consent for Treatment
HPPA Agreement

(please read before your appointment)
Homeopathic Consultation Preparation