At 630 feet it’s the tallest man-made monument in the USA. Gateway to the West, is pretty wild to look at and makes you wonder why it doesn’t just blow over in a heavy storm. Taking the egg-shaped elevator cars up for the view is worth the experience.

Everyone takes pictures of the arch, my personal challenge was to try and capture something other than the usual shots. Hope you enjoy!

In case you need to know, this explains everything:

The geometric form of the structure was set by mathematical equations provided to Saarinen by Hannskarl Bandel. Bruce Detmers and other architects expressed the geometric form in blueprints with this equation:[73]

y = A left( cosh frac {Cx}{L} - 1 right) quadLeftrightarrowquad x = frac {L}{C} cosh^{-1} left( 1 + frac {y}{A} right),

with the constants

A = frac {f_c} {Q_b/Q_t - 1} = 68.7672

C = cosh^{-1} frac {Q_b}{Q_t} = 3.0022

where fc = 625.0925 ft (191 m) is the maximum height of centroid, Qb = 1,262.6651 sq ft (117 m2) is the maximum cross sectional area of arch at base, Qt= 125.1406 sq ft (12 m2) is the minimum cross sectional area of arch at top, and L = 299.2239 ft (91 m) is the half width of centroid at the base.

my favorite

At the top, not a lot of space

Of course gotta have this picture

little windows