So I have had my case taken—for the 4th time.  I think everyone doing homeopathy should also be a patient. The more whole you are the better you can be objective with your own patients. It is really almost impossible to treat yourself. To see yourself objectively is an oxymoron. You just can’t. I guess others couldn’t see me objectively either!….this is my 4th time and my 4th homeopath over several years.

It’s not that there is a lot wrong with me. (see what I mean!  There I go…..) But just the same, there is always room for some improvement. A little less susceptible to sinus infections, a little less asthma, a little more patience, a little more balance.

Being a homeopath  in the hot seat and may make it even more difficult since it’s tempting to try to analyze what you are saying….but I just went with the flow, and tried to be as spontaneous as possible, and my homeopath walked me through to get to my core sensation.  I knew the only way to find a good remedy for me was going to be with classical homeopathy taken to the ultimate, with my case taken by someone who was an expert in the Sankaran style of interviewing.

I took my single dose a couple months ago and I think the remedy is a good one, whatever it was. (No way they are going to tell me what the remedy was until they are sure, we need to keep my follow-ups unbiased as much as possible.) At least I haven’t had a sinus infection in the past 2 months, and before I had one or two every winter for the past 4 years. Time will tell.

Homeopathy is one of the most powerful healing modalities I have ever seen. True healing occurs on the energetic level, and that is why modalities that are able to shift/correct/balance/move a person on an energetic level are so powerful. Suddenly the body can heal itself when the blocks are removed. It’s quantum: a seemingly small shift can allow huge and sometimes dramatic changes as the person returns to a balanced healthy state on all levels, both physical and emotional. This is something allopathic medicine can never do, since it is often treating the symptoms of what is wrong, not what is actually wrong with a person.