It is very simple: elephant balls. When I was growing up in Beardstown, Illinois I asked my Dad what the round balls were for that some people had in their front yards. He said they were to keep the elephants away. Since then, I have always referred to these mysterious yard ornaments as elephant balls. (NO, not that kind.) Some are silver, others colored and now they come in different sizes. Usually they are on pedestals, but sometimes are mounted in iron frames. I drove home from the St. Louis airport recently, and passing thru many small towns I occasionally saw yards with these balls. Evidently they got the message too. They are very effective, and as my father pointed out to me years ago, there are no elephants anywhere in our town. I’m not sure of the radius of protection. I suppose the country roads between towns that do have these balls are protected by their amazing repulsive power, perhaps our whole state is protected.

By the way, I have traveled to India, Thailand, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, and South Africa, and have seen and even ridden elephants there….and I never saw any of these amazing elephant balls there.