After I was dropped off at the airport I knew within 1 minute that I didn’t have my cell phone.  I could have called the friend that dropped me off to circle back and give me the phone that had fallen to the floor of her car. But, I didn’t have my cell phone. And I didn’t have her phone number…it’s in my cell phone of course.

A moment of panic.

Ok, everything happens for a reason. I’ll be OK.

Actually, I was better than OK. It was somewhat freeing to not have the phone attached to me. I had my laptop, so I could email people what had happened. I could roam and not be found.  The four days went quickly. I emailed back to phoenix to set up my pick at the airport. But if there was a problem on either end, we wouldn’t be able to call each other to tell the other person what had happened. Just like in the “old” days. But I sent an email in advance and got the cell phone number of the friend picking me up. Just in case. If I was waiting too long I could borrow a cell phone and call. (Do they still have pay phones?)

Anyway, I survived. When I was reunited with my lost friend it had lots to tell me. After recharging the battery I got caught me up on all the people who tried to call, and all the voice messages, all the texts.

It feels good to have it back in my pocket.