I’ve been hanging out with homeopaths from all over the world, all interested in one thing, getting the simillimum for their patients. Gaining knowledge and inspiration from a great homeopath and teacher — Rajan Sankaran — leaves me feeling humbled by my abilities, but also encouraged to keep getting better. By using subtle interview techniques he demonstrates how to make use of our existing knowledge of materia medica and repertory techniques and takes them to the next level.

“If you ask something and the patient goes somewhere else that is infinitely more important. Go where the energy is for the patient. Hold on to the anchor.

We all have interviewed people and sometimes felt we were lost, and the patient is taking us on a wild ride on stormy seas, one story leading to another, another tangent, another angle. Now I know, that is OK as long as I remember the one thing—the anchor, the theme that is running throughout the stories, the delusions, and the  physical complaints.

Rajan Sankaran really has made it simple: Ground yourself in what is central to the case….The truth is simple. What is the main thing in the person? It fits in the rubrics and the system (vital sensation)

Now I will be returning home with renewed inspiration. The tough cases don’t have to seem insurmountable, I won’t feel like I am lost at sea….(as much). At least I have an idea of what I need to do. Continuing to learn closely from a great teacher or master is the best way to  become a master yourself. We learned that a new academy has been set up in India, which will do just that, training future master homeopaths.

Synchronicity: As I walked the streets of Toronto near the end of the conference, a ship docked in the bay caught my eye. There was an anchor!— the main theme of this whole conference. I just had to stop and take the picture of this anchor. But, what was even more fascinating, there was a letter was missing from the ship’s name, perhaps coming off in rough seas, leaving only five letters: JA_RAN.  Re-arranging the letters reveals what is hidden: RAJAN