I had some landscape work done this week at my house, (here in Phoenix.) Temperatures hitting 112 this week. The workers start at 6 a.m. to beat some of the heat, but by 11 a.m. it is hot. (yeah  I know, it’s a dry heat—-but so is a blow torch.)

Being from the watermelon capital of the nation, Beardstown, Illinois, I know how good a cold, sweet watermelon can taste on a hot day. Even though the workers all had their Circle K Big Gulps to stay hydrated, all work stopped for a time when I walked out with big slices of watermelon for a cool break.

“Muchas gracias por la sandia!” was what I heard as one of the guys say as he sat in the shade. Nothing is better for you…..natural, full of fluids and vitamins. I’ve always found that it is very much appreciated, and just by the gesture, they know I do care how hard they are working. They do a better job (I think), because they know I care, and so the favor is returned.

For a few minutes I listen to the bad jokes, hear stories about prior jobs, and enjoy some watermelon myself. I help move some dirt, and borrow their jack hammer to break up some concrete. I collect the rinds, and the work resumes, but with a little more vigor. They want to know what kind of work I do.  Yea, I’m a doctor…..they don’t believe it.  And that’s a compliment to me.

Ice cold, sweet, juicy watermelon. It’s something everyone can enjoy, so it’s something we have in common. We are all human, so treat each other as you want to be treated-share a little.