Our neighborhood emails recently had a warning that some cars in the area had been broken in to overnight. I felt lucky that I had a garage to keep my 2003 Ford Explorer “safe”. Many people have only carports, or even just park on the street. But I noticed that some people who do have garages never put their cars in them. Why would someone let their expensive car sit outside of a perfectly good garage? You probably know the answer….there’s too much stuff in the garage. I drove around and took pictures of garages that have the cars parked outside of them. It wasn’t hard to find a few.


How did we get this way? So many possessions and things, that now we turn our garages into big closets for the house. Now newer homes are built with oversize garages, or even 3 or 4 stalls. It’s never enough. Many of us are guilty of the same thing, even if on a smaller scale. I know I am. Yesterday I decided to pull books off my bookshelves that I have kept for unknown reasons….they are not reference books, and I’ll never read them again, so I did some thinning, and it felt good. If you have ever had to move, you realized how much “stuff” you have, and that is a key opportunity for a lot of people to get rid of the “stuff”. We are in a land of plenty. Our senses, or better stated-our minds-are never satisfied. We all know of some kids that have closets, shelves, and rooms full of toys. Are they happier, or better adjusted than the kids who have a few simple toys, and that are outside playing all day?  We buy more clothes when we have more than sufficient clothing in our closets. Do we “need” the other car, the boat, the trailer, the camper, the summer home? It’s OK if we are living within our means, and can still afford the “stuff”, but in the end, will it make us happier? Maybe, at least for a while.  but then like the kid with the new toy who plays with it for a day, we set it it aside on the shelf forever. Storage units are filled with more stuff we can’t fit our homes.

There is a saying:  More possessions, more possessed, less possessions less possessed. Sometimes our “things” start to take up our time, needing to be maintained. What have you got to lose, try and get rid of some “stuff”. Take some stuff down to Goodwill. It feels good to lighten your load and free up some space-mentally and physically.

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