Instead of hurting each other off, people should stop and start pondering the source of gravity. What’s that all about? Did you ever think about how bizarre gravity is? It’s never been explained! There is no reason for it. There is a formula to explain how strong it is, but that doesn’t explain why it has to be. It makes no sense whatsoever. But we really don’t think about it of course, it is just the way it is. But we could not exist without it.

Why should two objects be pulled together? It is totally wierd. And it’s true for EVERYTHING. All objects are pulled toward each other! Why? “By nature,” anything that exists pulls and attracts things toward itself. The bigger it is, the stronger it pulls. The closer it is, the stronger the attraction. So it isn’t just that the Earth is pulling us, we are also pulling the Earth. Granted, since the smaller the object the force is weaker, and therefore not noticeable by us, but it is still there. Even we are pulling all things around us to us, toward us. You are  being pulled toward me, yes you!… Just like the Earth pulls the Moon, which is being pulled by the Sun, which in turn is being pulled and acted upon by all the other planets, solar systems, black holes and galaxies. Try and wrap your brain around that one.

An invisible force that exists for no real reason, it works through out the entire universe. It allows our existence, and without it we could not exist. It is there for our benefit, and is acting through every object in the universe. Sound familiar? Maybe people should stop fighting, and just think about the gravity of the situation. 🙂

Now there is another strange force, called magnetism. Again, it’s invisible. And it can pass right through solid objects as if they are not even there!  Better save that for another pondering.