Not that anyone needs an excuse, ever.

I baked a birthday cake for my girlfriend. Of course there is an ulterior motive-I love chocolate cake. I tried to customize it for her, adding in her favorite caramel syrup. I drizzled some in the middle before baking, along with some dark chocolate Ghirardelli chips. Can’t have too much chocolate, and this is the stuff that’s good for you, right? The dark chocolate is anyway. It was vegan, so no eggs, and instead I used egg replacer, and a little applesauce. Some vegetable oil, and coconut oil, and a base mix of regular chocolate cake mix from Betty Crocker -mix it up and pop it in the oven.


Almost gone, but definitely not very even edges



So, this excuse makes good sense to me: Once the cake is cut, the edges have to stay nice and even. Everybody knows this, right? And if they aren’t, then they should be trimmed away with a fork, and eaten. And if you mess it up, just keep trimming until the edges are nice and straight. (I’ve eaten most of the cake myself.) Anyway, that’s my excuse, what’s your’s?

This looks much better after trimming.