Wow, blogging finally from Port-au-Prince. my last day here. It’s a beautiful sunny day. Time to reflect on the past week here, working with medical folks from all over the US. Volunteers coming and going. Some here for just 3 days, some for months, but most the folks I met are here for 1-2 weeks. Just when you start to get settled in, get used to a little routine, get used to roosters outside your tent as your 5 a.m. alarm, get used to learning all the new names…’s time to go home. It’s like any summer camp. You feel out-of-place for a few hours. Then you bond with a few people, become friends of even more, and acquaintances of a few more. Living in close quarters forces quick relationships, and you all have one thing in common…’re here.

The medical camp had 285 patients pass through on Friday. A busy day. Even yesterday was pretty busy for a Saturday. Although I spend most of my time sort of doing fairy quick and simple see-um, treat-um and street-um, it was nice to show another doctor how to put a dislocated shoulder back in, re-pack a neck abscess, and even got to give some homeopathy to a few patients (arnica) and treat a few staff for minor things, doing a little teaching of the science of homeopathy to those interested.

I know the news at home has always got the latest uprising, the latest disaster, the latest murder statistics, the latest psycho shooting spree but read this and know that there are good things going on behind the scenes you will never know about. It doesn’t make the front page, but it makes a difference if only in a small way, and I met a lot of people here who are working long hours to make a difference to people they don’t even know.