It’s my first time. blogging on a cell phone pad. I’m now in Dallas and about to catch a fly to Miami ending the first leg of this trip to Haiti.
I’m headed back for another week, this time joining a medical team already in place. I had to sign a 5 page waiver to not divulge the group’s name or mention any details about what we do or who for and no photos.
Looking forward to the adventure with maybe some naive anticipation. I’ll be in a tent for the week and come prepared with my thermarest mattress and lightweight sleeping bag and my own supply of Stevia.
As I boarded the flight to Miami the logo on the side of the plane was a reminder of why we have to help each other. We only have one world and we are all in this together.

No laptop. No Canon 60D. But I am packing #50 lbs of needed antibiotics donated by Cigna. Going to stomp out suffering with some chemicals this time