Most people in Arizona have never heard of the little ghost town in the northwest part of the state. About 30 miles southwest of Kingman, Oatman, Arizona was a busy town when gold was discovered nearby in . The mine seems to open and close depending on the price of gold, and the population grew to 3500 in 1915 with a $10 million gold find, but now the town population is stable at about 100. It’s on the old Route 66, and is famous for having Clark Gable and Carole Lombard stay there on the honeymoon. You can still see their room there in the old hotel.

Now, the town is most famous for the wild burros that roam the street. Descendents from the old gold-mining days, they really are wild, but are friendly with tourists, and can be hand fed carrots or chunks of donkey chow that can be purchased at stores on the single street through town. It’s worth a trip just to see them, and have a meal in the haunted, dollar-bill covered restaurant and bar of the Oatman Hotel.