I took my nephew to Vegas while he was out for a visit on his Christmas break. First time for him, so walked the strip, checked out most of the hotels, saw a few shows, and I lost some money on slots. But the best money I spent was $30 for a foot massage. After walking miles up and down the strip, my dogs were hurting and my shins were splinting. I think you can’t go wrong with a little spa action.

ahhhh, just the two of us

Granted, the surroundings were not much for ambiance. There was no drink offered, no soft music. It was late, so it was just me, a Chinaman with strong hands, and a TV with some Chinese movie playing. I know, it sounds romantic.

I’ve had several of these treatments over the years, and one of my first experiences was in Beijing. My traveling buddy Mike and I ventured into a massage place….(a legit one.) We got a private room with lazy boy chairs and a big TV with lots of DVDs to choose from. W e popped in a movie, and soon 2 women brought us a cup of tea, and for starters brought a bucket of hot water filled with brown Chinese herbs to soak our feet in. 15 minutes later a guy shows up and gives us a pedicure. After relaxing a bit longer, the women are back with foot massage lotion and strong hands. They work each foot and leg for 20 minutes. Every spot on the foot and toes is worked, and prodded, sometimes to the point of pain if it is a sensitive spot. I’m so relaxed that I’m falling asleep before the end of the movie, and more tea is served. After the final foot pounding and tapping, they have us sit up and now work on our shoulders and backs (clothes on). The whole time they are jabbering away in Chinese to each other. My feet were so soft and I was so relaxed I didn’t want to walk back to our hotel. My body feels like rubber, and all this cost us about $6. We were hooked, and when we could, we got it done twice a day. In Cambodia it was $5, and in Thailand about the same price but they used wooden tool to really push on reflex points, which sometimes got my attention and the drooping eyelids would be rudely awakened. There are massage shops everywhere, and even in outside street markets.

Reflexology is actually an alternative, or complementary medicine that dates back 5,000 years. The organs of the body are represented, or reflexed on the hands and feet. A practitioner can relieve pain and stress in other parts of the body by manipulating the area on the feet. It’s thought that blocking the flow of energy or Qi (chi), can cause disease and that by opening up the lines of energy through meridians, similar to acupuncture can stimulate healing. All I know is that it sure makes you feel relaxed all over when done properly.

Reflexology Chart

I think that little bit of  money was well spent. I know it’s Sin City and all, but I’m not big on gambling. I’ll take my chances on feeling good with little self-indulgence.

Have you ever had a foot massage, would you?