A follow-up to my post from a few weeks ago, “This Was Their Lucky Day.”

Their home

Thanks to donations from a few friends, I was able to wire some money to Haiti, and 3 kids now get to go to grade school  for a year. Since the earthquake, these 3 kids, their parents and a grandparent all live in a tent smaller than your living room. Unable to afford the $100 tuition, and the $150 for required books and uniforms, many children have to drop out of school at an early age.

The Family

They wander the streets, working, haul drinking water for their families, or just end up getting into trouble. Their only chance at improving their condition and the condition of their country is to get an education. These pictures send back recently show the hope in their eyes just in getting some paper and pens getting ready to start class. Merry Christmas. It really was their lucky day.

Bessy, Wikendor, & Bederson with school supplies