Physical stressors. It’s cold at work. I can relate to this one. In the summer its 110 degrees here, but inside it’s 70, a 40 degree difference! that’s too much of a shock to me, and I feel cold, and I have to wear a sweat shirt over my scrubs. If I don’t then my neck gets tight, shoulder muscles get tight, and my body is stressed, and I’ll end up with a sinus infection if I’m not careful. So can you catch a cold or influenza from being in the cold? well, yes and no. There’s not a virus out there in the cold, it’s more likely indoors with the people you are close to: family and the buddies at work. But the physical stress of the cold may lower your resistance. The body having to deal with the cold lowers the immune response and lets the virus take hold.

Vacations. People often get sick right after a vacation. Although they had fun on the trip, they are stressed about getting there, catching a flight, getting ready, etc. Flying across time zones is another stress to the body. And sometimes even though we are on vacation we aren’t actually getting more rest! It throws off the balance, the normal routine.

Working long hours, and not enough rest. This applies to a lot of us. Overworked and again, over-stressed. This is a set-up for catching a cold, or any illness. I just saw a patient who said the same…working overtime, long hours, stressed at work and now got sick. Funny how they don’t want people to miss work, but they work them so hard they have to miss a few days because they get sick. It’s more cost-effective to miss one day, and give the body the rest and rejuvenation it needs when the illness first starts.

A death in the family. The mental and emotional toll on the system of a loss like this is a major stressor. I recently saw a 15 yo girl with a fever, cough, body aches, congestion. Her mom said she never gets sick. I asked if there was any recent stressors in her life, and the tears flowed as she told be about her grandfather’s death about a week prior. She had been close to him and was helping him up to the very end during his illness.

Trauma of any kind. A car accident, a surgery, divorce – any major life event can weaken the vital force of a person, and allow them to get sick, when normally they stay healthy and in balance with the world around them.

Sometimes it’s not only an acute problem that can develop from a weakened immune system. If we look closely, many chronic conditions seem to stem from some acute insult to the system. The body is now stuck in this imbalance, and suffers with a chronic illness. For example, many people with Lupus will have a story of some trauma that triggered the onset of the symptoms. Chronic headaches after a car accident, or chronic anxiety ever since a traumatic event, even as a child.

Homeopathy can be potentially curative in these types of chronic illnesses, by restoring the balance to the system. By treating the whole person, everything can shift and restore the body’s innate capacity to heal itself. Rather than being on prescription medications for the rest of your life, consider see a homeopath for an evaluation that could potentially get you off some or all of these medications safely.

And remember to check out Homeopaths Without Borders. They need donations to continue their work in Haiti.