I had to deal with my first negative comment on a blog. I knew it was coming….just waiting to see how long it took. It was short, and to the point. And it wasn’t personal-too much. but of course we tend to make things personal, don’t we. You can read it under this blog, during my trip to Haiti. There are a lot of homeopathy-haters out there. I guess there are a lot of haters out there period. They are just looking, and searching and watching for their personal pet-peeve to come up so they can say something nasty back. I am naive about this. It just seems odd to me to look for something you don’t like, so you can just comment on it.

Anyway, I figure the best way to deal with it, is to go ahead and let it be posted, and then try to answer the best I can, without putting my foot in my mouth. (Who wants to eat crow?) I don’t want to restate here what I already said there. I used it as a teaching exercise. It was a bit exhausting to write, but I’m glad I did. I think I stated things clearly, and objectively as I could, without condemning the commenter. I can’t help my little sarcasm though. That’s what makes these thing a little fun to read, right?

I think it was nice to get that comment, the more I think about it. It made me think of my own reasons for doing homeopathy, and how I view it as a healing modality. People often ask me if it is hard jump back to “regular” medicine, when I know homeopathy. So far, it is OK for me. I can help people both ways. Some folks just want allopathic meds–“I need a Z-pack doc, I’m getting a cold and I can’t be sick this weekend.” Maybe I can convince them otherwise, maybe not. But that is their choice.

Again, we all have choices. When I see a patient that is a smoker, I tell them-with a bit of sarcasm, “that’s bad for you” and laugh a bit with them, stating the obvious. But then I ask them if they ever quit, or do they have any desire to quit. If they say no….I drop it. Why should I push? They have made a choice. If they want to choose differently I can help. People need to take some responsibility for themselves. I’m not their mother! But if they choose wisely, I will do all I can to help them.

What choices have you made to help yourself in a positive way?


Cristo from S. Africa - on a rock near Sedona, AZ