I talked to my Dad the other day. He was cooking. He loves to cook, and gives the food to friends, and family. Maybe there was a Lion’s Club meeting–he’ll bring 2 gallons of homemade chili. He’s good at soups. Potato-leek soup is one of my favorites, the Elks Club loves when he shows up with a kettle full. He also cooks animals, all kinds of animals.

So when I called home the other day, he was cooking. Something different this time. Roasted beaver. Yep, that’s right. A hunter friend had trapped some beaver, and had given him one to cook (he had kept the pelt). He knows my Dad will cook anything. His friends seem to drop off dead animals off on our front porch they have hunted, or killed for whatever reason, just to see if he’ll try and cook something up with them. I think it is a little game they play. I even found a recipe to cook beaver tail?!

I haven’t always been a vegetarian. I used to love to eat the fresh fish we would catch in the Illinois river, or nearby ponds. Squirrel was a favorite of mine, just don’t bite down on the buckshot.  But there have been some stranger foods too. In Kruger Park, South Africa I’ve had warthog, and impala.  Dad does do the regular “delicacies” like the duck, goose, pheasant, etc that the local hunters bring in. Rabbit was always tasty. He’s cooked venison, and bear, but it’s the more interesting critters that come to mind, like raccoon, rocky-mountain oysters (dipped in egg, rolled in cracker crumbs and fried), and….crow! There are recipes out there for crow.

Yes, in my younger days I can say I ate crowliterally.

But a busy little  beaver? that’s just not right! What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten?