We think we plan out things, that we have control of our life. But actually we control very little. I believe that what happens to us is part of a grander plan. There is no coincidence. We may think we have moments of synchronicity, but in fact every moment is. Every single second is happening  just as it should, both the “good” and the “bad” moments. Because good and bad is only a matter of judgment.

Synchronicity? in the Galapagos Islands

There is a Nasreddin story about this:

In the ancient days in China there was a villager who had a strong handsome son and a strong white stallion. Every one talked about this man telling how lucky he was.

He would always answer them,  “Maybe, it’s good. Maybe, it’s bad… You never know!”One day the stallion ran away. All the villagers came to console the old man. They told him it was so bad and he was so unluky.The old man answered them,  “Maybe, it’s good. Maybe, it’s bad… You never know!”A week later the stallion returned bringing with him, twelve beautiful mares.The villagers were amazed at his great luck and congratulates him. The old man came back with his usual refrain,  “Maybe, it’s good. Maybe, it’s bad… You never know!”

The next day his handsome son was breaking one of the wild mares and she fell on his leg and broke it.And, by now, you know how it goes, the villagers came to him and before they could utter a single word he smiled and said, “Maybe, it’s good. Maybe, it’s bad… You never know!”

Two days later the kings soldiers came and conscripted all the young men of the village for the king had decided to expand his territory and most would die for the vanity of his Majesty. However, the handsome son could not go to war as his leg was in a cast. “Maybe, it’s good. Maybe, it’s bad….You never know!

What happens in our mind from moment to moment is where we have a choice. We can choose to be upset, angry, why me, or happy, joyful, and thankful-positive. Some things naturally make us happy! That is easy..but what about the things that seem naturally bad? Well, you never can sure, in the big picture. Remember that how we feel about something is a choice. Something that seems hurtful to us in the short-term may be for our benefit in the long-term. If we can’t be happy about something, it is better to at least be neutral. Remember-thoughts are things and what we think we will slowly become and manifest. So why not be positive, or at the least be neutral-rather than the alternative.

Raise your positive consciousness and you will be raising the consciousness of the planet. Be part of the solution, it can be as simple as changing your mind. What do you think?

We are all exactly where we are supposed to be at this moment.