That’s what I’ve heard, and what I hope is true. So I am spending a few minutes every day thinking about an old friend that is not doing so well. They have cancer and are gearing up for battle. I’m thousands of miles away, but I am powerful. My thoughts are things, they are real. I am directing the power of my thought to heal them, in whatever way they need it. This is different from prayer, or praying. I’m not asking for anything, which is what many of us have been trained to do in our religious upbringing. I’m simply sending healing energy to someone, the power of thought. It’s the power of love, but not passive love. To be mindful of your thoughts is an active process, and it takes a little work at first, to focus, and maintain that focus. But then it becomes easier and easier.

Thoughts are things.

A thought is the beginning of invention, the beginning of manifesting. What do you want to manifest in your own life. It all starts with a thought. Be careful of your thoughts, be mindful. Then go for it. Make them come true.

Sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon