Leaving Haiti, a beautiful beach from 8,000 ft

I can return to the wealthiest country in the world

Stepping out from customs into the Ft. Lauderdale airport the first thing I noticed was the food stands. Dunkin Donuts, Pizza, packaged salads and wraps. I grabbed a veggie sushi package and devoured the little bite sized rolls. Carpet on the floors here. No cracks in the walls. Clean restrooms….sort of. I can drink the water out of the drinking fountain and not worry about getting diarrhea, (just some contaminants that will slowly make me chronically sick over the next 20 years.)

Starting the blog at 30,000 ft

I appreciate what I have a little more. I realize that having a selection of clothes to wear in my closet is a luxury. My dog lives a better life than a lot of people in the world. He gets more medical care than some people will ever get. . I have a house that is in great shape, and live better than most people in the world. I have a job. I turned on the faucet in my kitchen sink this morning to wash a pan from the night before. I know I’m over-sensitive but tears instantly came. The image of kids trekking up the streets to get some drinking water in 5 gallon buckets, which they carry home on their heads, hit me. I slammed the faucet off-don’t want to waste any water.

Getting potable water yellow rubber bladder

I haven’t seen a fat person in a week. I haven’t heard someone complain that they missed an episode of Jersey Shore. The only sport on TV the past week was soccer. I haven’t had to write a doctor’s note for anyone because they want out of work, or school because they had a cold, or had a headache, or just didn’t feel quite right today.

Did we make a difference? Laurie Grossman made a comment about a boy we saw this time. She saw him a month ago and had given him a homeopathic dose of Silica. Wheelchair bound, horrible infections on his feet, emaciated face. The people at St. Vincent’s School for the Handicapped said he rarely talked, and never smiled. He’s funny-looking kid to start with, with a big forehead, maybe he had CP. Now we see him a month later. The change was dramatic: his feet are almost completely healed, he has gained weight, he talks to us, and best of all was his smile.

Zackary now has a smile

There is a story of a boy standing on a seashore covered with thousands upon thousands of little living mussels that had washed high upon the beach during a storm. Now the sun was out, the water had receded, and they were slowly dying, drying out in the hot sun. He was picking them up, one at a time and throwing them back into the sea. A man walking along the beach sees this and asks him what he thinks he’s doing. “I’m saving this little creature and sending him back home”. “Surely you don’t think that is going to make any difference,” the man said. “There are millions of them!” The little boy just reached down, picked up another one and before he tossed it into the ocean said “it makes a difference to this one.” Donations

Statue of Liberty over a tent city