Today we went out to a place unknown to us before today, somewhere in the city about 45 min ride from the hotel. We put our trust into a driver we met the day before, who said there was a “mission” that had people we could see, and they would set up a clinic for us. True to his word, there a large-open area on a second floor set up with a waiting area, tables and chairs. We arrived about 8:45 a.m. and at 9 we were off and running. With 2 interpreters, 2 cases were being done simultaneously.

The pathology was varied, but lots of rashes:  several kids with severe scabies,


ringworm, and a couple rashes I had no clue. Lots of fevers, sometimes with nothing else, but many had stomach aches, have stomach aches ,( or will probably get a stomach ache at some point!) 6 hrs later we had tallied up 85 patients, and called it a day.

ringworm patches on scalp

Back at the ranch time for a hot shower– I mean warm shower and some spaghetti and chocolate ice cream. $10 for the dinner splurge.

We saw a lot of suffering today, and people sat for 5 hours waiting to be seen. They wait in silent suffering. When they sit down in front us, at first it seems nothing is wrong. But a hand on their arm reveals they are burning with fever. A child with the most disfiguring rash on the hands, and lips had been this way since 5 months of age. The woman with her was her sister, who had to take charge when their mother had died in the earthquake. She felt bad because she couldn’t spend the time caring for the rash the way their mother did.

Despite all the pain we felt for them, we had to chance to smile and laugh with them. The pictures here I hope will show the beauty of these people. These kids are beautiful and to think that many of them will never attend school because of lack of money is a shame. $250 will pay for a year of school for these kids, and I am working with a local person to pay the tuition directly to the schools. I mentioned this on a prior blog also. Feel free to contact me about this.