Back to the nursing school-Universite Notre Dame D’Haiti– today. We started under the big top, where Lisette did a quick “introduction to homeopathy” teaching session with another class of students. During their lunch break we headed back to do a treatment session with the 100 students that we taught the 2 days prior. We treated about 50 students in 1 ½ hours, and some took a remedy dose back to a parent that was suffering from some ailment. Problems ranged from chronic pain ever since an injury from the earth quake, to claustrophobia since the earthquake (she was trapped in rubble for several hours), to a story one student told that her father has a broken arm that has failed to heal, and has constant pain.

We then had another great lunch at the Oluffson Hotel. Our new local friend, Evie was our escort, and transportation for the day. She shared a story of meeting Mick Jagger at the same hotel in 1981, and many celebrities have stayed there over the years.

Armed with remedies today, we head back up the mountain to see Evie’s old friend again, with the knee infection. She was excited to have all the company and we gave her a remedy to speed the healing and some Calendula cream to apply on her wound. On the way down the winding outdoor stairs we stopped and treated 2 others, a little 4-year-old girl who hasn’t been eating well for a month, and then another mother stopped us because her family have all gotten colds and feeling poorly the past month since the weather changed, and cooled off.

A future in modeling?

View from our house call

Off to find an ATM, and for that we headed to Petionville. It’s a wealthier suburb of Port-au-Prince, and it seemed to have lesser damage also. Evie said she has seen Sean Penn a couple of times driving along the road, and he has a base set up nearby there. She has never seen him mentioned in the local news, and has been fairly anonymous to them, compared to the publicity the USA tried to put on him for his efforts there. After a short walk around a little shopping area, we headed back to our hotel, Le Plaza. Our gratitude to Evie for her help to our group today will always be appreciated. The offers are already coming in to help fund the tuition for kids. This sign says it all…..we can’t always control our circumstances but we can change our ……