It was a special day for 100 nursing students at Universite Notre Dame D’Haiti .

The team of volunteers led by Lauri Grossman taught a 3 hour first aid course in homeopathy. The students dressed in the school uniforms and were eager to learn as much as they could in the short time. Common ailments from trauma, sprains, burns, diarrhea, etc. were explained from the viewpoint of deciding the appropriate remedy based on the patients dominating symptoms.  Future long-term educational opportunities for the students is hopeful and is being evaluated. The class was very grateful for even this single day of learning, and to show their appreciation at the end of the course they stood and sang “God Bless America”, bringing all of us to tears.

Back at the hotel we mingle and over-hear stories from the other groups. ABC News from Houston is here, CNN, other medical teams, etc. “Got great footage of the hospital, political signs, raging river”…and so forth. There seems to much talk about the cholera epidemic coming to Port-au-Prince, but we have not heard of any serious outbreak here. It seems more of a news story than fact at times.

The upcoming presidential election here has everyone running for the office. There were at least 38 candidates at one point, and you can see their pictures plastered everywhere. Evidently the bigger the picture, the more money the candidate has. And the word among the locals is that none of them are honest.

We lunched today at the Oluffson Hotel I guess it is somewhat famous for the  voodoo artwork on the grounds. After a great meal of salad with goat cheese with house vinegret, rice with beans, and local sautéed vegetables I quickly ran around and grabbed photos of the sculptures and art. Most of the them are a little too phallic for posting here!

Flip Flops anyone?

A great sunset after a long day

Tomorrow we are back at the school for the handicapped treating patients. Thanks for reading! Please donate to Homeopaths Without Borders!