The deaf leading the blind

At this school– St. Vincent’s for Handicapped Children, the children are taught their value, what they can do. Everyone is important to someone else. So we see those with legs helping those who can’t walk. Ones who can’t see are led by kids who can see, but are deaf. And they are learning Braille, typing, etc. What is interesting is that when they come in to see one of the volunteer homeopaths, usually they never complain about the thing we notice first about them. The blindness, the limping, the missing arm is not why they are there to see us. It is because of headaches, eye irritation, stomach-ache or a rash. Your heart can not help but go out to help them. They are just kids, posing for the camera and hamming it up sometimes, but they have suffered so much already in their short years. The school is like a sanctuary. It is clean, happy, organized-much different from when you step beyond the gate to the clamor of the street, and outside world.

After a bit of organizing the many remedies, the kids are brought in. 2 or 3 cases are being done simultaneously in the crowded space. 2 interpreters shuttle between patients, and help try to convey the essence of what needs to be cured. Often the best remedy is chosen not on what they are saying so much as how they are saying it. Some have huge smiles and actively tell their story while another may just sit quietly, giving up a few words at a time. All are polite, and grateful.

They teach us homeopathy, they teach us how to live.

Homeopaths Without Borders