Really now, is it just me or have you noticed that some people are getting dumber? The common sense factor. I see some really ill people in my work, but I also see some and wonder why in the world are they spending time, money, and energy to have me do what they could have done themselves. For example, a woman comes in with a burn on her pinky finger from a curling iron. It happened 2 hours ago. It looks pink and she says it hurts. She hasn’t done anything for it, not even taking a Tylenol. OMG what do you want me to do? So I give her an ibuprofen, put a band-aid on it and send her on her way. No one wants to suffer, I get that, but the body takes time to heal itself. It seems that in this day and age people feel the need to see the doctor for every little thing, because they have insurance. And, no wants any discomfort, for any period of time. Give me a pill and make it better NOW!

It’s not like when I was a kid. If you fell down at school, the school nurse didn’t call your mother to come get you and have you checked at the doctor. My school was so small, there were no nurses. The teacher sent you “to the office”. Maybe your parents were called, just to let them know you were banged up a bit, but alive and OK. They sprayed on some Bactine, put on a bandage and reassured you all was OK. If weren’t going to die from your injuries, your parents could just come get you after school. If you were hurt really badly…then you got to hang out in “the office” (and get out of class the rest of the afternoon.) Limping and moaning always helped, then you could go to “the office” and smell the purple ink of the mimeograph machine in action.

I think the medical information on the internet is great.  But sometimes it backfires for the hypochondriacs and super anxious types. A simple stomach ache for one hour now needs a visit to urgent care, (instead of some pepto-bismol) because Google turned up diverticulitis, bleeding ulcer, and a ruptured aortic aneurysm as possibilities that needs immediate evaluation, or you could be dead before you know it!

Homeopathy is great for first aid. Locally we have Sprouts and Whole Foods selling it to the masses. For people that want first aid kits, and courses about first aid homeopathy there is the American Medical College of Homeopathy, right here in Phoenix. Maybe someday Arnica will be a household word— like Bactine used to be.