Every experience you have had up until now has been leading toward this moment. Destiny and fate and synchronicity are all the same, and every moment is the result of all that has happened leading up to that moment.  We really are very different people when comparing ourselves from this year to last year, this month from last month, today from yesterday, and from this moment compared to the last. Our experiences change us, sometimes dramatically, sometimes in subtle ways so that as we proceed into the future we are constantly adjusting our compass, changing how we react to the world as it hits us in the face every day.

Keep the balance as best you can. I hope your days of joy outweigh the days of heartbreak, but we know both will be there. Remember to take care of yourself first, so you can better take care of your partner and family. If you are empty, you will have nothing left to give, but if you remain in a place of truth, you will keep your soul filled, and overflowing toward all who come in contact with you.