Of all homeopathic remedies, Arnica montana has to be one of  the most useful, or at least the one to try to convince you homeopathy is a very useful complement to regular medicines. For first aid, Arnica 200C is the one remedy you are sure to use sometime on yourself, or someone in your family.

Arnica is useful in almost any type of blunt trauma or impact. Hit your thumb with a hammer? Pop 3-4 Arnica pellets in your mouth–in seconds to minutes the severe throbbing will subside, the swelling will reduce, and actual healing of the injury begins.

What else will it help?…Stubbed your toe? Sprained your ankle? Just got rear-ended in a car accident? Fell and bruised yourself? Had a rough football game? Bangs and bruises from any sport or accident–basically any type of direct trauma will feel better after a dose of Arnica.

It will speed the healing and reduce swelling, and bruising. Plastic surgeons have caught on, and many prescribe it just before, and then immediately after surgery. Patients who use Arnica heal better, with less bruising, and less pain.

Homeopathy doesn’t interfere with other regular medications, so you don’t have to worry about drug interactions, or side effects. No bad taste, kids love it, and it is very safe. And best of all, it is very inexpensive. A vial of pellets runs about $8, and has enough for at least 20 doses. You can even order it on Amazon.com.