In dog years that is. Sometimes you need both traditional medicine, and something complementary.  Max is alive now due to a blood transfusion several years ago, and daily medication for Addison’s Disease.  He is happy and younger acting thanks to homeopathy.

I hope I look this good at his age. How does he do it? Hardly any gray hair! He sleeps most of the day, eats the same food every day, and gets to socialize with his neighborhood dog friends on a regular basis. Although his joints aren’t what they used to be, he still enjoys jogging occasionally after a ball, or just running a bit for the fun of it. [youtube=]

Maybe there is something to learn here. A consistently good diet, exercise, socializing, and daily love go a long way. Health is not necessarily the absence of disease. It is freedom to be all you can be, at whatever stage of life you are in. I know homeopathy has helped Max to be all he can be, even at this stage in the game of life.