At least not after you have been weaned off of it.

After reading Mindy’s blog, and seeing enough kids in urgent care having milk-related problems, from ear infections to eczema,  it’s my turn. I used to be a huge milk drinker growing up, I loved it! Now I’m older and wiser. When you think about it, it’s just plain strange to drink milk. Often it does cause a lot of problems, sometimes so slowly and chronically that you don’t realize that the milk is the problem.

Mammals, by definition, have hair, and nurse their young with milk. Milk is high fat, high calories. Why? Because the baby mammal needs to grow up fast…to keep up with the herd, to out-swim the orcas, to be able to chase down prey. Once they are able to survive and live on adult food EVERY mammal is weaned off milk. Every mammal EXCEPT ONE! And that mammal doesn’t even consume its own milk?!  It drinks a different species’ milk, its whole life! I mean… really. You don’t see a giraffe drinking raccoon milk its whole life!

And even stranger is this: many people lose the ability to digest milk. Lactose intolerance. But what do we do? Keep pushing the milk and invent something so you can keep drinking the milk that was making you sick. There’s lactose enzyme digestion pills, and milk with the digestive enzymes added in.

The excuse that are bones will go soft without the calcium is just a groundless scare tactic to make people buy more milk.  It’s about $$$. Where do the grazing animals get their calcium—plants. Green leafy plants are a good source of calcium and there are others, including supplements now, if you need to go that route.

I’m not saying never drink milk again. I quit milk, but I like my cheese and occasional ice cream.But just think about it-drinking another species’ baby milk….. it is odd, isn’t it?