You know one, we all know them. After talking with one you walk away feeling drained, exhausted, and wiped out from the conversation. They were the winner, you were the loser. And there are all kinds, they even have been classified. Drama, drama, drama…..blah blah blah… Engaging in the conversation only makes it worse, it feeds them.  There are the complainers, and the more suggestions you offer to help their many woes, the weaker you get. Nothing is good enough.

I thought I had gotten pretty good at avoiding them, or at least avoiding the drain on my chakras 🙂  Bowing out nicely, cutting the conversation short to avoid further damage.  Trying to stay calm and detached. Don’t engage, don’t argue, just make it short and sweet and get out while you can.

This one was a drug seeker. A common type of visitor to Emergency Rooms, and to Urgent Cares, like where I work. They can start off being so nice, complimenting you, engaging you…pulling you in. Then it starts. And if you don’t give in, it can get ugly. Insulting you, or begging you,  they just need enough, they ran out. They were stolen. My mother ran out, I lent her some. I fell and aggravated my chronic back pain. Bargaining begins.  “No” is not an acceptable response, and they know how to respond, like a good salesman.  They try to wear you down, try to force you give-in, as they weaken you.

Not this time. I got out alive, drained but alive. I should have known, I didn’t see the signs early on. Now I have to sit down, take some deep breaths, re-ground, re-balance. There is another patient to see.