How much does this cost?

That is the bottom line right?  What is this going to cost me? And secondarily, what am I going to get out of it?

Let’s talk about costs. I know some homeopaths that charge only $200 for their initial consult (and are slow), and I know that some charge $1,000+ and are busy. So there is a range for everyone. Let’s say for argument’s sake that an initial fee is $400, maybe a follow up in 2 months is $100.   A lot of people are going to say whooooaaaaa that is a lot of money. But is it? It’s all in the perception of what you think it is worth. Look at it this way:

How much is it worth to get rid of migraines lasting 2 days every 2 weeks for the past 20 years?

How much is it worth to get rid of the psoriasis that covers half your body, causes daily embarrassment, requires drugs including steroids, dermatology visits, etc .

What is worth to not be plagued with anxiety to the extent it keeps you unable to enjoy your life?

What is it worth to have your life brought back in to balance in all respects?

When someone is having a heart trouble, we pay someone to fix our heart, to do a procedure that will affect us the rest of our life. That’s worth $20,000+ right? Someone pays it, one way or another.

A homeopath is doing the same thing, they are doing  ”a procedure” by finding a remedy that can change the rest of your life. What is that worth to you? You are getting a bargain! I’m not saying it is always a  life and death situation, but what value to we put on our own health?

What do we spend our money on?

A $5 latte five days a week is $1000. A pack of cigarettes is the same. If you do both, that $2000/yr.

People in the U.S were expected to spend 54 billion dollars on diet food and diet drinks in 2009.

A breast augmentation is $6000. An iPad with 64gb, WiFi, G3 is $1000

Heck, some people who can’t afford it will drop a few hundred dollars in slot machines, without a thought, but balk at spending a dime on their own health. But that brings up the topic of perceived value.

Talk to anyone who has had their life changed by a homeopath. They’ll tell you it was a bargain.