So what is the value in seeing a homeopath?

  • SAVES you Money.
  • Improves your Love Life.
  • Gives you more Free Time.
  • Better Work Satisfaction
  • Oh yeah…..better health.

Really….it’s true. Here’s how:

It’s cheaper to be healthier. For people with a chronic problem the time and money spent quickly adds up. Even if it just for insurance co-pays, chronic medications, tests required because the medications, take more drugs to counteract the side effects of the first drugs, time spent seeing primary physicians, and multiple subspecialists. Time off for all these errands, plus the time you miss because you are sick again with a migraine, fibromyalgia flair, a panic attack, depressed, psoriasis flair etc. Imagine the tangible savings if this was reduced even 20% over your lifetime!

If you feel better, you are happier. If you are happy, it spreads, it shows, it is contagious. People want to be around someone with good energy, good vibes. Your partner will be more attracted to you. And you will be attracting more of the same, what you are giving off is what others subconsciously want too.

A positive shift in physical and mental well being shifts your world, your priorities. You suddenly make time to do what you want to do. You now have more time because you are not using up your spare time being ill. How many people use up their “vacation time” as “sick time”? What a waste of time! Get your life back. Get your time back.

For many people, for many different reasons– work sucks,. Sometimes homeopathy can produce such a profound shift, or balancing that it now becomes easier for someone to get out of doing what they don’t like and start doing what they do like. Or maybe this shift is more subtle, the attitude changes. After all, life situations, relationships, work, etc may be rated as good/bad but it is our perception, our attitude that determines our happiness. A change in our tolerance can change our attitude, emotions, and health.