I have always been interested in complementary medicine. I’ve studied herbal medicine, cranial sacral therapy, Ayurvedic medicine and pulse diagnosis. I’ve had cupping and acupuncture, and essential oils.  But it wasn’t until I studied homeopathy that I felt I had really found something amazing. Something that can actually help the body heal itself, with the potential to cure illnesses that are incurable with conventional medicine.

I was a bit skeptical myself, coming from a traditional medical background. But, results speak for themselves. After 3 years and over 1,000 hours of training, I have found homeopathy to be one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. It is also one of the most mentally intense fields I have ever explored.

You know the drill. We tend to treat the symptoms, without ever looking deeper. The deeper problem continues on, while the body compensates the best it can to keep things running. But this compensation produces another symptom, which is treated with another pill, another surgery, and then you get another side effect, for which there is another pill, etc.

If we could find out what is “off”, what is out of alignment in a person in the first place, then we could act to help the body to correct it, and bring things back into balance. Then all symptoms are simultaneous treated. This includes mental and emotional symptoms as well.

So you’re wondering, how does it work?

Homeopathy means “like” or “same” treatment. It is based on the ancient wisdom of “like cures like”. Here’s an example:

A lot of people are familiar with a commonly used homeopathy remedy called Arnica Montana. It is derived from a plant. It has been learned, from studies called “provings” that Arnica has the energy, or the feeling of being hit, slammed, shocked, bumped. This goes along with the feeling of swelling, bruising,– it hurts and leave me alone! Since” like cures like”, if you have some injury similar this, for instance a sprain, a fall, a contusion, rear-ended in a car accident, just finished on the losing side of a football game, etc., taking some Arnica pellets can dramatically make you feel better in moments. And it’s not a pain killer, it is simply acting to help you body actually heal the injury, so it doesn’t hurt as much. It is doing this energetically. It’s not a placebo, you don’t have to believe in it. It will work anyway, on your kids, on your dog, and on you. Try it the next time you whack your thumb with a hammer accidently. Feeling is believing!

This kind of first aid prescribing anyone can do with a little reading/training, and a first aid homeopathy book. You’ll be amazed at how much you can cure in your family and friends, and animals.

Classical constitutional prescribing takes the case take to a new depth. The homeopathy is on a search for the single core remedy that will match the person best on all levels. This remedy will act deeply, both emotionally and physically, to bring balance to your life producing a sense of calmness that may have been missing for a long time. In a sense, it has the potential to restore health.

I agree there is a need for allopathic medicine. Techniques, screenings, and treatments that are available now can save lives. When you break your leg you need an orthopedic surgeon to fix it. But homeopathy can be used to reduce the pain, and make it heal faster than it would otherwise. Homeopathy will make a body more balanced so that it gets ill less often, and heals itself quicker when it does.

If you have something bothering you, keeping you from being all  you should be –at whatever stage of life you are —homeopathy can be a safe, yet powerful alternative, or a complement to whatever you are doing now.